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AC12003 Argumentation & Computers last updated September 15, 2021 by Brian Plüss

AC12003 Argumentation & Computers

Course Guide
The primary resource for this course is the Course Guide. This contains a week-by-week guide to what we are doing, what practical work is to be undertaken in the labs, what coursework is due, along with tips for managing the course effectively.

Important Dates
There are assessed tutorials on Tuesday, 24 January; Monday, 27 February; and Monday, 26 March. All these tutorials require preparation. There is a single item of coursework due at noon on Friday, 24 February. If you are late or miss any of these, make sure you submit your late coursework or late tutorial report by Friday, March 30 to ensure it is marked (and thence capped at 40% for late submission).

The Araucaria software used in many of the practicals is installed as standard on \studentshareAraucaria3. If you want to install it on your laptop, you can do so from here. You can also access the files for the practicals from here:

There are three assessed tutorials, called PiGLets.

  • PiGLeT 1: Problem Solving Tutorial
  • PiGLeT 2: Specification and textNOTE THAT THE SPECIFICATION OF THIS PiGLeT HAS CHANGED (13 FEB 2012)
  • PiGLeT 3: Close analysis of a text of your choice 150-450 words

There is a single piece of coursework to be submitted by email to Please put AC12003CW1 in the subject line. Attach an AML file comprising the Araucaria analysis of the following text: